Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winter Wonderland and Answered Prayers

So there's two parts to this story. And seeings how I never have time for anything these days and haven't gotten on my computer in a few weeks, you should know that this story is worth telling.

So here's part one: Winter Wonderlands and all its glory.
Sunday night, even though it was t-shirt and shorts weather on Friday, it sleeted and snowed. Go figure. Big beautiful snow that had me thinking I'd get a day out of clinic. Woo Hoo! However, come Monday morning to my dismay, the roads were relatively clear so, not wanting to have to make up anytime on a Friday, I scraped the snow off my windshield (and I really should give my twin credit for the scraping of the snow off my windshield) and headed on my way. I figured once I got out of my neighborhood, the highways would be clear for sure. So on my way to Pinehurst, I get on the other side of Seagrove and there's no snow on the ground what so ever and I figure I'm finally out of the beautiful winter wonderland. WRONG.
Crossing a bridge a MILE from my exit, I see a truck in the middle of the median and think to myself "What are they doing in the median?" Well sure enough, I had to find out for myself. As soon as I had crossed the bridge I hit a patch of black ice and just went spinning into the median. I came to a stop thanks to the trailer that the truck was hauling. Car TOTALED. What made this spin-out so terrible was the fact that not only did I spin around multiple times, but I spun out on top of a bunch of metal things that had been lost off of their trailer. After I had crawled out through the back seat, no sooner had I gotten a grip on what was going on, but then a truck that was hauling an enclosed trailer with two Harley Davidson motorcycles inside, came along and also hit the ice. They lost control and their trailer came undone and flipped over. Luckily they had enough time to get their truck turned around and pulled over on the right hand side of the road. Needless to say, that tiny patch of ice caused a lot of damage in a matter of minutes.
Now looking at these pictures, you may be wondering what type of injuries I have. And honestly, by looking at the picture above, I'm trying to figure out how I still have my head attached. But nonetheless, all I have to show for this accident is a small cut on my thumb and a sore neck. Which leads me to part two of this story...

Part Two: Answered Prayers
Last week I went to church with my grandparents. I can't even tell you how many different women came up to me that night and said, "You must be Megan. We pray for you ever week. Your grandmother requests safe travels for you each week." I just thanked them all at the time and tried to shy away from any awkward conversations. After the accident I tried to figure out, If everyone prays for safe travels for me each week, why'd this happen?! It then dawned on me! DUH! I'm still alive!...With a head attached to my body and only a scratch on my thumb. My car may be totaled, and as much as that may suck, I was overdue for a new vehicle anyways. Nobody was injured, just material possessions. And really, what are possessions worth anyways? They're just things that can be replaced. So really, God had a major part in my accident. He allowed me to live through it, and I can honestly say that all those prayer requests for safe travels were answered and I praise God for that. Now if I could get everyone to pray that a car comes into my possession....