Saturday, June 11, 2011

Looking for Leprechauns

Four Best Friends. Overseas in Ireland. Two Weeks. Yep, that's how I spent my New's Years.

Our very good friend Michael Kahn decided to leave North Carolina to spend ten months in Ireland to study abroad. Why would anyone wanna do that??! But what did that mean for his friends that he left back home? FIELD TRIP!

Kristyn Flinchum, Jacob Lusk and myself, with our trusty passports in hand, boarded a plane on December 28 and headed for Dublin. There were many firsts on this trip; Jacob's first flight, first time being out of the country, first time with a different currency, first time staying in hostels, first time experiencing different cultures, etc. And as much as I'd like to tell you every little detail from this trip, I think I'll just share some photos instead.

This was our first ever hostel room, definitely an experience.
Typical site for us, hauling luggage from place to place.

The Irish Police, "The Garda".
Cliffs of Kilkee

Anyone else see something wrong with this picture?
Shepards Pie... yummy!
Sheep actually do walk on the roads!

This bridge was in the movie Ps I love you.
We all had a blast, but after two weeks of being raped by the Euro, us poor broke college kids were ready to set foot in the United States. I'm just going to briefly list a few things that we encountered... just incase any of you are preparing to visit sometime soon.

-The outlets/voltage there do NOT work with your hair straighter.
-Even if they did, it's damp and raining there 5.5 days of the week so girls just be prepared for bad hair.
-You won't be seeing an SUV or other large vehicle, and most people actually just use public transit.
-You pay almost 3 American dollars for a Coke. The Coke will be roughly 12 ounces, and ice and refill are not a part of their Irish dictionary.
-Eating out cost a fortune.
-Hot tea with lots of cream and sugar is very delicious.
-There are a lot of rocks.
-If you want to have a good time, hit up a Trad Session at a local pub for some traditional Irish music.
-The word chips over there refers to fries.

After our visit, our friend Michael still had several months to spend in Ireland. But thankfully he wasn't there forever. Last Thursday that boy decided to return to the states!

Picking him up at the airport.
His grandmother, myself, and his cousin, Brandt.
Mimi and Paps made it to lunch too.