Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lawson Style Camping

When I think of camping, this is what I imagine:

Tents, cooking over a fire, no AC, no outlets for hair dryers, "roughing it," if you will. That's the type of camping my father instilled in me.

So when Wade and his family invited me camping for the first time, that's what I had in mind. However, their idea of camping is way different than mine. This is what they imagine:

AC, shelter, cable television, microwave, basically a home away from home. Boy have I been missing out!

So far this year we've been to a few different places in the camper. Doesn't matter where we go, I always have a great time!

White Lake
My first trip with them was to White Lake. I had never been there before but had heard a lot about it and was really excited to go. We took the kayaks and went out on the lake Saturday and Sunday and each night there was a gorgeous sunset. It was a relaxing weekend at a very beautiful place. 

Steele Creek 

Next stop, Steele Creek Campground. Another beautiful relaxing weekend, this time in the mountains. We had the camper right next to the creek and spent a lot of time just sitting and enjoying the creek. We did take a quick day trip to Linville Falls.

July 4th week, the Lawsons were staying the week in Asheville and I joined them for a few days. Don't know if anyone remembers that far back, but the week of July 4th was miserable with all the rain. It was no exception in Asheville either. We did get a day or two that wasn't too bad and we were able to go hike and explore a little bit. We also went white water rafting, which was a blast.

Tabor City
In between Myrtle Beach and Oak Island is the small town of Tabor City. Other than the campground, there isn't a whole lot there. However, the campground has enough to keep you occupied: ponds for fishing, pools, water slides, a jump pad, putt-putt course, homemade creamery, horse shoes, and the list goes on. We enjoyed it here a lot and went back for Labor Day weekend.  One day we spent in Oak Island and on our second trip back we went deep sea fishing.

Camping with the Lawson's is something I've really come to enjoy and I'm looking forward to our next trip!