Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Patty's Day Parking Failures

A few years ago, a few of us went out to Greensboro to celebrate St. Patty's day. I drove. Being a holiday that Americans like to celebrate, there were people EVERYWHERE in downtown Greensboro and parking was equally as bad. I ended up parking where everyone else was parking. We got out and went on with our night. When I went back to the car, I was surprised to find it was no longer there. Apparently I didn't see the signs that said "No Parking, Towing Enforced" due to all the other cars that were blocking them. A very expensive lesson learned. 
So yesterday I went to meet my friend, Eric, in Raleigh for sushi. Turns out that everyone was celebrating St. Patty's day in downtown Raleigh as well. Again, I circled the blocks twice looking for a spot. Finally I found one and pulled in. Went out and enjoyed our sushi and when I came back to the car I found a lovely little ticket on my windshield. Apparently parking in front of a water hydrant is illegal. Whoops, didn't even cross my mind. Another lesson learned I suppose. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Quarter of a Century

Happy Birthday to us! 
It's hard to believe we made it twenty five years without killing each other.

Saturday was our birthday; he spent his in Boone kayaking with friends, while I spent mine in Raleigh with friends as well. Sunday I got up early and Adam and I went to the beach for the day. It was absolutely gorgeous and I hated having to come back home. Thanks to everyone who called or texted with sweet birthday wishes. You guys are amazing, and I couldn't ask for better friends/family.

Any who, having turned twenty five, I got to thinking about all the things I've done and the places I've been over the past years. I decided to come up with a list of twenty five things I want to do over the next twenty five years, some realistic, some not so much.

1. Own a dog.
2. Run a marathon.
3. Read the entire Bible.
4. Bungee Jump.
5. Travel to New Zealand and Australia.
6. Find my soulmate.
7. Watch every Disney movie ever made.
8. Stop biting my nails.
9. Find a unicorn.
10. Become a mermaid.
11. Truly impact someones life.
12. Fly in a hot air balloon.
13. Do this:

14. Own a bakery.
15. Invent something useful.
16. Spend an entire week camping, secluded from  the rest of the world.
17. Kayak the Watauga.
18. Ride a unicycle.
19. Beat a world record.
20. Be an extra in a movie scene.
21. Learn another language. Possibly sign language?
22. Learn to scuba.
23. Travel to Greece.
24. Be content.
25. Spread God's love.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

365 Days Ago

I'm pretty good at remembering dates and what I was doing on that particular day. For example, Feb 20 of last year was my car accident. Seems like just yesterday, but it's now been over a year and I've put quite a few miles on my new car.
I like to look back and reflect on where my life has gone and how it's changed over time since a particular day. So a year ago today I decided to join a gym. This was a big deal for me for many reasons. Last time I joined a gym, I went for about a month and then quit going but still had to pay the bill each month. When I joined last year, I was in the middle of school and working two jobs. I wasn't quite sure I was going to be able to have time nor be committed to going. However, I was bored with just running and needed something else. I joined for just a month to see how things would go. After a month was up, I had managed to make it to the gym on a pretty regular basis. I took some classes, did a few of the machines, and just kinda did my own work out away from the weight room, because lets be honest girls, women don't like to work out in front of men. Or least I didn't- they're intimidating. Every now and then I would work out with a few guy friends who would show me what to do.
Over the past few months I started to step it up and gained a little bit of confidence. I became more outspoken and made a few friends who helped me out along the way. (Wade, if you're reading this, that line was for you.) I actually started to look forward to going to the gym and it has now become a lifestyle change. Honestly, it's addicting.
People are constantly commenting that I look slimmer. To be honest, I didn't realize that I was loosing any weight, and actually I haven't lost that much, just inches. I feel so much better overall. My running has improved and I'm not tired all the time like I used to be.
I feel like I'm an ad for some sort of weight loss drug you'd see on television or a motivational psycho health nut, but seriously, if I can do it, anyone can. I still eat what I want for the most part. I have cut down on a lot of fast food, sweets, and soft drinks and I also TRY to limit my portions. I encourage you, if you're able, to just find twenty minutes in your day to walk/bike/swim or do some sort of physical exercise. It'll change your life.