Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beach + Good Friends = Good Memories

What better way to celebrate getting full time employment than at the beach with some great friends? That's exactly what we did. My friends Kelsey and Adam and I left for the Oak Island last weekend to celebrate; Adams parents have a beach house there. It was a gorgeous weekend at Oak Island and we had a wonderful time just relaxing and hanging out in SouthPort. 

 We set up my hammock between the poles of the pier at night. It was pretty awesome. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Color Me Rad

A few weekends ago (forgive the back blogging), we did another color run. Color Me Rad came to Greensboro and we were ready to be dashed with color! 
Our team, The Color Bandits, consisted of myself and seven friends. This time, instead of tu-tu's, my friend Kristyn came up with the idea for super hero capes. Since the race was the weekend of Easter, there were lots of people in bunny ears and tu-tu's, but nobody in capes! 

The Crew and Our Capes.
Adam, Myself, Kristyn, Kelsey, Stacy, Hannah, Robyn & Eric
 Oh you know, just flying around. 
              Color Angel
 Someone got a free shirt! 

We had a such a good time! After our run, we got Wendy's and ate it at a nearby park. It was such a nice day spent with good friends.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


A few months ago, God placed it on my heart to bless a couple of people in my small group who were going on different missions trips. One to Peru, the other to Scotland. When our church started to do a series on giving, tithing, and blessing others, it was an affirmation that God wanted me to help them out. So I obeyed, and gave those two people a pretty big chunk towards their trips. 
Now here's the awesome part. 
I've been working down at the hospital in Pinehurst as most of you may know. I got hired on right after graduation for a  PRN (as needed) position. Basically I was needed to cover for a few girls who were going out on maternity leave. 
Last week, I got called into the office and was offered a full time job. I was shocked. The patient load was down and things were starting to slow down a bit. I thought for sure that when the other girl came back from maternity leave, I wouldn't be working as much. However, God had other plans in mind. It never ceases to amaze me at how much He provides.