Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Meet The Babies

Welcome Gidget and Gadget!
The newest addition to the Barbre/Lawson family.

Born: November 10th at the Holiday Market
Length: Not long, with the exception of their tail
Weight: Not much  
Likes: Food and apples.  
Playing together. 
Their wheel.
Their new cage. 
Opening plastic eggs. 
Anything small and plastic.
Their momma and daddy. :)

Dislikes: Light
Pippy (Wades cat)

Gidget and Gadget are Sugar Gliders. Wade's family and I went to the Holiday Market in Greensboro one Saturday. We were walking down the aisles and looking at the different exhibits when we came across "Pocket Pets". They're a company out of Florida that sells Sugar Gliders. I had never heard of these fascinating creatures. However, once I saw them and listened to the pitch the guy was selling, I was sold. I wanted one right then. 
Fortunately, Wade was aware of what they were and informed me that it'd be a lot of work and time and encouraged me to do my research before I jumped off the cliff and bought one. Also, a lady behind us informed me that she had some and if I was considering getting one, I needed to get two, otherwise one by itself would be extremely lonely and cry at nights and could possibly die from loneliness. So I walked around the Holiday Market doing some research on my phone and both of what they were saying was true. However, I was ready to tackle the situation. 
After a long labor and quite an expensive hospital bill later, we had the babies ready to take home in their carrying pouch. Let me take a minute to explain the pouch...
Sugar Gliders are marsupials. (They are NOT rodents.) Therefore they have pouches like kangaroos and like to be in small, confined places where they can curl up and feel secure. Pocket Pets sell their Sugar Gliders from 8-12 weeks of age so that they will "bond" with their owner. So once the Gliders were ours, they put them in a small, fleece-like, square carrying pouch that hangs around your neck and has a small mesh cut out so they become familiar with your scent. Wade and I walked around the rest of the market with the babies hanging around our necks and then later when we went to eat at Carrabba's and to see a bodybuilding show. 
Once we got them home and had listened to the audio CD about their care and cage set up, we were excited to get them acclimated to their new home. We set up their wheel and heat rock along with their water and food. 
Fast forward a few weeks and we now have a bigger cage (the one pictured above), a travel cage, lots of toys, and two happy babies who are our pride and joy.  

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