Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Curses and Small Towns

If I'm going to get into some kind of car accident, you can usually bet it's going to be around Thanksgiving.
Examples: 1.) Ten years ago or so someone backed into me in the Wal Mart Parking lot a day before Thanksgiving. My first ever "accident" and I cried like a baby. 2.) Black Friday a few years back somehow my passenger side mirror got knocked off in a parking lot.
Those accidents lead to this years Thanksgiving mishap...
After getting off work, I was heading home to get ready for this years holiday festivities. While driving down Highway 64, a little old lady who just wanted a Wendy's burger, pulled out of the Bojangles parking lot right in front of me. I don't know if she didn't see me, or thought she could make the turn in time, or was just really craving that burger, but I slammed on my breaks and laid on the horn. Unfortunately it wasn't good enough and I still hit her car. Thankfully there weren't any cars right behind me like there usually would have been on that crazy road.
So I pulled off the road and called 911 like you're suppose to do after an accident, even though I knew it was just a fender bender and nobody was hurt. The police came and showed up but the lady and I had already resolved it and their help really wasn't needed. She was such a sweet lady and even gave me a hug at the end of the ordeal. By the way, Wendy's was closed and she had to settle for Bojangles.
Now on to the "Small Town" part of my title...
When I called 911, I'm telling the operator what had happened and where we were and so forth. I know I had to have been going 100 miles a minute cause the lady at one point said "ma'am calm down, what's around you?". I was just rambling like she knew exactly where I was and what had happened. After she got all of the information she asked for my name. I replied, "Megan Barbre" to which she said, "Oh, hey Megan! This is Alleson's mom" (My brothers girlfriend). So of course by the time I had gotten home, Alleson and Michael were there and had already heard of my news.

I'm thankful for many things, but this year especially, I'm thankful that God has kept me safe, especially in my car. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

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  1. I'm so glad the wreck wasn't worse and that your car came out with just a few dings! And i'm glad we got to see you and wade while we were home, We need to hang out more at christmas!